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Deep Thoughts, by Justin Kicklighter: Vape Industry vs. Teens

Posted by Justin Kicklighter, CEO on Oct 24th 2018

Teen vaping is on the rise. This is not up for debate. This is a topic everyone is aware of, and understands the importance of combatting. As a parent myself, I have a particular concern about this issue.

Now the FDA is imposing even stricter regulations on the vape industry to address this issue, including a demand on the (Nic-Salt company) Juul to “find a solution to stop teen smoking” within 60-days or “they will”.

Ignoring the dangerous and threatening language used by the FDA, the real question is: what can Juul, and the vape industry as whole, do to STOP this plague?

Short answer: we’re doing a LOT.

Why? Because we care. A LOT. Please let me be absolutely clear: NO teen should vape… or even worse, smoke cigarettes.

We would go even further and say no one, regardless of age, should start vaping at all if they don’t already do so.

But that wasn’t the question. So what can we do to combat underage consumption of nicotine: we have numerous safeguards in place to combat this problem:

… we ID at all retail locations to enforce established legal age of consumption

… we ensure age issues are addressed online using e-commerce best practices

… and we continue the long-standing practice of ensuring the dangers of nicotine are well known to everyone, vapors and non-vapors alike.

That said, its important to mention that we also believe no one (regardless of age) should eat meat, drink alcohol, consume sugar, not exercise or watch TV too much… all of these things have been proven to be detrimental for your health, and therefore not a good choice if you want to leave a long healthy life!

But that is just our opinion. Your opinion may differ, and the knowledge and ability to make these individual decisions is learned at home. It is learned in schools and from community members you trust. And most importantly I believe: From family.

As a parent, I believe it is my duty to raise my children to respect the laws of our great country, and understand all options and dangers I can prepare them for. I do not assume anonymous industries will do a better job of raising my child than me. I understand that would be foolish.

As an American, the decision to do something, or not to do something, is first and foremost a matter of personal liberty, and is central to what it means to be an American. If I, as a legal adult, choose to cook a rib-eye, drink a glass of scotch while enjoying my favorite e-juice flavor… that is my choice, and no one should have the ability to infringe upon my liberty to enforce their will on me. Period.

So as a parent, and as a vape industry professional, I will continue to do what I know to be right, including:

… Continue to enforce all laws related to nicotine and vaping, including age restrictions for use

… Be truthful and open about dangers associated with vaping, including its benefits when compared to smoking

… Continue education campaigns for both staff and clients

But the other thing I will continue to do is love vaping. I love the flavor. I love the hardware. I especially love the community! And that is my informed choice, and I am happy to have the right to make it every day!

Happy Vaping Everyone!